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Lauren has a decade of advertising, technology, and online media experience. She worked at a large media and tech brand for nearly 7 years as the Director of Sales and Content Development. Lauren and her team helped hundreds of digital media publishers build their advertising and content strategy to grow audiences and drive revenue.

After Lauren’s son was born her passion shifted. Her main goal is to build the best home and life for her son. She began thinking about ways she could combine her two worlds, while empowering other women to achieve whatever goals and passions they may have.

Throughout Lauren’s pregnancy, natural birth, and maternity leave she began gathering and learning so much about how to live a healthy and natural lifestyle with a baby. She also was faced with many life changing decisions, and found it difficult to express the whirlwind of emotions she was going through. She felt that as a new Mama, women have to deal with not just physical changes, but emotional as well. The new reality of having a wonderful baby to take care of, but also balancing a major career is overwhelming. The guilt with either decision was consuming.

Lauren found the best way to express herself was writing her thoughts and learnings down. She found a way to combine her expertise in digital media with her true passion of motherhood. In February 2020, Warrior Mama Life was created!

Warrior Mama Life is a brand built around women who overcome and power through challenges. They know how to take any difficult situation, and turn it into something positive. They don’t stop because something gets hard, it motivates them to become bigger and better.

Lauren’s goal is to share with her readers some of the ways she conquers everyday to build the best life and home for her family. Motherhood has been an amazing journey for her, and every struggle has presented new opportunities. She hopes her journey can inspire you to conquer your days, and you can live your Warrior Mama Life too.

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  1. I find warrior mama life informative an so interesting. It’s great to be able read articles to not only which help me but it helps out new moms too. I love how Lauren loves to write an turned her skills into this page.thank you for having this group. I’m gonna enjoy this page. Thank you 💓👩‍🌾🚜

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