Best Baby Toys

best baby toys

There is literally an endless amount of baby toys on the market. I always ask myself, do I REALLY need to buy another toy for my son? As most of you know, I currently don’t have much space in my home. The last thing I want to do is buy another toy that my son will stare at for 30 seconds, and then look for another water bottle to play with! However, there are a few toys that my son absolutely loves. Check out my list for the best baby toys in market!

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1. Fisher Price Jumperoo. One of the best baby toys!

This was such a hit when my son was about 3 months to 9 months! We could put him in here, and he would just jump jump jump away forever. He loved his time in this jumperoo. It has an adjustable height, has an activity center, and plays such fun music. The long lasting fun of this jumperoo makes this one of the best baby toys out there!

2. Fisher Price Piano Gym. A baby toy must have!

This baby toy is amazing for so many reasons. You can use this when your baby is only a few months old. The lights, sounds, and swinging animals provide so much stimulation to get your little one moving. As your baby gets older, they can grab and kick at the toy for even more excitement. My son still loves to sit at the piano and hit the keys! You will get a ton of use out of this one.

3. Toythrill Duck Toy. The silliest baby toy of all time!

This duck is so stupid, and I love it! It waddles around quacking and singing the most ridiculously catchy songs. My son will run up to it and press it’s head, and immediately start dancing and chasing after it as it waddles around my home. I literally can’t get these songs out of my head! Is is the best toy to keep your little one occupied, and having a blast.

4. V Tech Sit to Stand Learning Walker. A must have baby toy for walking!

Walkers can be a tricky one. There are lot of mixed thoughts and which walkers are good, and which are bad. I love this walker because in my opinion it was not affecting my sons development. Some other walkers are a clutch for your baby, and your little one doesn’t realize when they “actually walk” they have to stand on their legs. Other walkers may make your little ones lazy. This walker and baby toy is great for tummy time because the musical attachment can be removed. It is great for sitting, because it encourages your little one to begin to pull themselves up. Once your little one is confident enough to stand, it is a great walker to maneuver throughout your home! This is the best baby toy we have! It is literally used all the time. Bonus points, the phone is the best part!

5. Battat Activity Cube

Fun in a box? Yes please! This baby toy is literally the best for providing long stretches of entertainment. With 5 sides of fun, your little one can drive the tractor around, zig zag the beads up and down, spin all the spinners, and open the doors. I love this because the corners are rounded (don’t have to worry about sharp edges here). Also, any toys made of solid wood have my vote!

6. Natural Rattle and Teething Toy

It is so hard to find “safe” toys for your baby. Especially when your little ones are tiny, they are going to put everything in their mouths. It is so important to look at things like pain and plastic, if your baby is still putting things in their mouths. This natural rattle is un-dyed, made of wood, and the safest baby toy to teeth on.

7. Mini Todu Baby Blocks Soft

Baby blocks are the best toys out there! There are many options to choose from, but I love these soft stackable ones. They have numbers, shapes, patterns, and animals on each side. This will keep your baby interested in exploring each and every block. These are also made BPA Free. They are non toxic, and also made of food grade silicone.

8. Fisher Price Story Book Rhymes. A fun an educational baby toy!

I recently wrote an article about the Best Bedtime Books for Babies, and this is a top choice! However, this baby toy and book is a favorite for all times of the day! This book features 6 classic nursery rhymes for baby to hear, teaches counting, first words, letters, numbers, shapes and more! It has 3 light-up buttons for letters, numbers and shapes. And also has easy-to-turn pages helps develop fine motor skills!

9. Bammax Folding Play Mat

When your little one starts crawling and walking, you need a play mat. The best thing about this folding mat is it is easily transportable! This play mat is made of BPA free XPE material, safe, non toxic, tasteless, non polluting, waterproof and soft. It is 200×180 cm, and 1.5 cm thick which makes for the most comfortable play environment for you and your babies to play with toys! Bonus points for being reversible and waterproof!

Enjoy these fun and educational best baby toys!

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