Being A Mom. The Reality No One Talks About.

being a mom

Being a Mom. What a powerful, amazing, and indescribable journey. There are so many parts of being a Mom that are difficult to put in words. However, as women we need to always express ourselves, and empower women to share their stories. There is so much more to motherhood than we could ever imagine. The only way to truly find out the journey ahead, is to begin your own journey.

However, there are so many things that are never really discussed among other women. What is the reality of being a Mom? The truth is being a Mom is absolutely amazing, but as a woman you are about to enter an emotional roller coaster. You will have to make some of the toughest decisions of your life. You will feel constant guilt. You will feel no greater love in the entire world. You will question every decision you make.

This is what it is like being a Mom. This is the reality no one talks about.

Being a Mom: Immediate All Consuming Love

When you meet your baby for the first time, my gosh what a feeling. Your world stops. Nothing else will ever matter more. This baby came from you. This is the entire meaning of life and living. This is the purpose of life. The emotional attachment between you and your baby is a force of nature. You were meant to feel this love, and your baby immediately reciprocates. They know your voice, scent, and touch.


There is no better feeling in the entire world, than holding your baby and knowing that you are calming them and making them happy. This is your first true emotion of being a Mom, and it totally rocks!

Back to Reality

This new feeling of being a Mom, and your unconditional love will never go away. It will only grow each day. As your baby continues to develop, and you learn their little personality, your heart will just keep growing.

One of the most difficult times for women, is when reality sets in. For most women the time they are spending with their baby is temporary, and the dreaded return from maternity leave is coming to an end. What happens next? A study taken a few years ago shows that only 29% of Moms stay at home. However, the same study also suggests that 60% of people feel that a child is better off with at least one parent at home.

being a mom

So how are we prioritizing what truly matters? It’s clear most women feel the need to work. Whether that decision is financial or out of a passion for a career, our realities have come crashing down and we are forced to choose.

Uncontrollable Pressure Of Being A Mom

The pressure of being a Mom has kicked in. Women are now faced with a choice that is seemingly between a career or family. Whatever decision you make, you will feel uncontrollable pressure. Your pressure will not stop at only your career or family, but expand immensely. Being a Mom, you are faced with pressure every day to “provide” for your family. Whether that “providing” is financial or not, the list will pile up.

Most women put pressure on themselves to not only provide financially, but to cook, clean, connect with their husbands, workout and practice self care. However, that’s not all. Don’t forget about preparing their babies food, be the main presence in their babies life, making sure their little ones are hitting their milestones, constantly learning about the safest baby toys, and let’s not forget about the pressure of breastfeeding! In a stunning survey, 72% of Moms feel stressed about not being able to get everything done.


How is it possible to do all of these things? Most women are so hard on themselves, and the pressure continues to build. Can you be that amazing at everything? We are all Warrior Mamas here, but we must cut ourselves a break, and look for some balance.

Being A Mom And The Cloud of Guilt

The pressure has built, and you are ready to explode! There is virtually no way you can manage all of these things, and do them well. Things will start to fall through the cracks. Welcome to the cloud of guilt. This is one of the most difficult moments of being a Mom. As women, we want to be the best at everything. We want to have it all: the career, the family, the clean home, and gourmet meals. When we start under performing in any of these areas, the guilt can be consuming.


The hardest part with guilt, is most keep going. They slack in certain areas and excel in others. Then the pendulum will swing back and forth, from one end to the other. Excelling in one area, and then slacking in the future. The guilt will swing along with the pendulum, and the vicious cycle continues. Being a Mom, we need to think harder and live an emotionally healthier life.

What changes can we make? How can we better our lives for not only ourselves, but for our families?

Questioning of Womanhood 

Without fail it is inevitable doubt will kick in. Being a Mom, when we begin to doubt ourselves, we begin to question our womanhood. We start to ask ourselves and maybe even our spouse, am I being a good mom? Wife? Cook? Am I still performing at work and hitting my goals?

The hard truth is most women are comparing themselves to friends, family, and those we see on social media. However, it is so easy to “pretend” we are crushing it at all our aspects of life. When we go home behind closed doors, the emotions start to swirl and we begin to compare. Am I good enough?


Tough Decisions Being A Mom

The greatest unspoken truth of being a Mom, is the decisions you will need to make when you become one. Nobody told me how hard it would be to make the choices I did. However, every Mom will experience tough choices one way or another. The biggest decision for most is child care, but it will stem into healthcare, education, and beyond.

Every choice you will make will be thoroughly researched. You will have sleepless nights. You will question everything you do. You will doubt yourself. However, when you make your decision trust yourself and your instincts. God created you for you, and you are the perfect Mom for your child as you are.

being a mom

Remember What Matters The Most

When we are faced with tough decisions and choices, we need to get back to what truly matters the most. What have your priorities been all along? For most, if you are able to feel deep inside what your heart and gut is telling you, then listen to that! It will not be the easiest choice by any means. You may have to drastically change your life, and even lifestyle to pursue what matters most to your family. However, at the end of the day you will be happier than you have ever been. For you will become the woman you were trying to be all along.

being a mom

The Raw Truth of Being A Mom

You are a Warrior Mama through and through, no matter what. The truth of being a Mom, is no one tells you how many hard choices you will have to make, and how much guilt you will feel with every choice. You will question your womanhood, but in the end you will build an amazing home for your family. Because that is who you are as a woman. You are there for your family. You are the rock and foundation.

It is no surprise that you put so much pressure on yourself, because you love your family so much. You want to give them all of you! However, in order to provide the best you can, you must find your balance. In finding your balance, you will become the best version of yourself.

Nobody ever said being a Mom was easy. However, being a Mom is the meaning of life.


Embrace these moments. Being a Mom is the greatest gift in the world.

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