Funny Things Babies Do

funny things babies do

Babies do the funniest things! Being with your baby all day every day certainly brings out a whirlwind of emotions. You can see everything from sad, silly, funny, happy, in a matter of minutes! I have learned so much in my first year of motherhood. Our babies brains are still developing, even in the 2nd year of their life. This can trigger all sorts of emotions when they are trying to express themselves! That totally makes sense! As Mama’s it’s our job to decipher what our babies need, and what they are trying to communicate. Through that we can help coach them, and help them express themselves as best as possible. However, with all these emotions my absolute favorite is the funny things babies do! My son is an absolute character! I created my top 10 list of the funniest things my baby does!

1. Clapping for themselves is such a funny thing babies do!

When you first see your baby clap, it is the funniest thing! The fact that they are mimicking what you are doing is so rewarding. My son first started clapping around 6 months, and since then never stopped! Not only does he clap when we clap, but he claps when he is proud of himself! He can be doing something tiny, like taking a bite of his food. My son knows he did a good thing, so he will put down his fork and clap for himself! He will literally wait for you to start clapping too, and will get so excited. It is so adorable!

He would also clap for himself when he first started walking. He was pushing his walker around, and he would literally stop when we were cheering for him, and start clapping! My son loves to be cheered for, and he is so proud of himself. As he should be! This is definitely one of the funniest things my baby does.

funny things babies do

2. It is so funny when babies point at everything!

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Pointing may be my sons favorite thing right now. We will go for a walk, or even a ride in his car that he feels totally cool in, and he points at everything and everyone! People can’t help but stop and laugh, because my baby is so funny! He is also pointing now when he wants to go in certain directions. “Take me over here Mom”, or “What’s in that room”? He is officially the boss!

Though pointing may be one of the funniest things my baby does, it is also such a great activity for development! It is so fun and easy to do, and you can encourage their development. My next step is when my son is pointing, I am encouraging him to try and say words!

3. And so funny when babies wave at everyone!

When a baby waves at you, you can’t help but to feel happy! The innocence of a baby wanting to say hi and acknowledging you, feels amazing. Not to mention its such a funny thing that babies do! My son is definitely a social butterfly. He will walk right up to a group of strangers, stop, stare, and then wave! Everyone immediately smiles and waves back.

My son will also be in his stroller or car, see someone that he likes, and will turn around completely and wave at them until he can’t see them anymore. The way baby waves make people feel, just so happy, proves that our world needs a little more innocence and friendliness!


4. Babies think it is so funny when you say “Stinky Feet!”

I have no idea why this is real, but it is! If I tell my son his feet are stinky, he laughs uncontrollably! He wants me to smell his feet, and then tell him they stink! If that’s not one of the funniest things babies do, I give up! Whenever we are changing his diaper, he literally sticks his feet right up in the air, to my nose, and just won’t stop laughing. I told him his feet were stinky when he was 6 months old, and it has never stopped being funny for him.

When he is in the stroller now, he will take his socks and shoes off and wants me to smell his feet! Once I say stinky feet, he can’t stop laughing. It really is the funniest thing my baby does! Not to mention, so adorable! Who would have thought… “stinky feet”!?

funny things babies do

5. It is so funny when babies start dancing!

Oh my gosh. This is one of my favorites! If you put any music on, absolutely any type of music. My son will stop and start dancing! He will bounce up and down, and now even do the quick step with his feet. He loves music!

The funniest thing my baby did was when we were on the beach. He heard a family playing music, walked over to them so he could hear the beat, and then started dancing! When they turned around to look at him, he froze. Once they looked away, he started dancing again! He is an absolute riot. Thank goodness we have that on film. He certainly knows how to put on a show.


6. Funny things babies do: Say “Woof”!

My son loves dogs! He loves dogs so much that even though I am severely allergic, I am still contemplating getting one because I know he would be so excited for about 1 hour. Everytime he sees one, he points, waves, and then goes “woof”! Yes, he says “woof” and it is the most adorable, and one of funniest things my baby does!

When dog owners see how excited he gets, and they hear him say woof, they all stop! They let my son see them all, and he even gets to pet some! He will even hear a dog bark in the distance, he will stop whatever he is doing, and look for it and go “woof”! I love it!

funny things babies do

7. It is so funny when babies become so independent!

I know being independent is a good thing. But I feel like my son is SUPER independent. My son is so independent that he has to feed himself (since he was 12 months old), he has to use a fork, and now he wants my fork! He is a big boy, and big people use big forks! He also has to walk by himself. Don’t try and help him or hold his hand. He can do it by himself! He also has to brush his hair by himself after the bath. He’s got it all under control!

If he sees Mommy or Daddy doing something, he wants to do it too. And do it by himself! It is so funny that my baby is so independent! I am absolutely encouraging his independence, and it’s adorable to see a little baby doing these things.

8. Have you seen anything funnier from a baby than “blowing raspberries”?

Ok so, one of my favorite things to do is to blow raspberries on my sons adorable little tummy. He of course laughs, and it’s extremely satisfying. Now, at 14 months old, my son is doing it back to me! He literally crawled on my stomach and did it, he did it before bed, and now anytime I hold him he goes right up to my arm and does it! It is so funny that my baby started doing this!

The best part is he knows its hilarious. He will do it, pause with a big smile on his face, and wait for me to laugh. Then he just cracks up too! I immediately want to squish and kiss him! He is such a little character.

funny things babies do

9. It is so funny when babies when to be chased!

Playing tag with a 1 year old may be my favorite thing in the world. My son will give me this mischievous look, and then book it out of the room wanting me to chase him. He runs away screaming and laughing, until I full on attack him with hugs and kisses. I will then run out of the room and hide, and he will come and find me and try and tackle me! We will no joke do this back and forth for over an hour. I don’t know why but its the funniest thing babies want to be chased.

Our chasing has gotten more advanced now, and I can hide in better spots. Once he finally finds me, he gets so excited. My favorite part is the look he gives me, when he wants me to chase him. Such a simple and fun game! Bonus points for getting hugs and kisses at the end!

10. The funniest thing my baby did was, rent Scooby Do!

Ok so, I don’t think all babies do this, but my son did! The absolute funniest thing my baby did was Rent Scooby do. Yes he was only 12 months old, and no I have no idea how it happened! He would somehow always get his hands on the remotes, no matter how good I hid them. I was in the kitchen, and I look up to see him playing with our remotes. I grab them and hide them again. Two minutes later, I look down at my phone to an email saying “Thank you for renting Scooby Doo for $25!” It wasn’t even the standard $5 charge!

I had to them call Verizon support and explain to them that my 1 year old son rented Scooby Doo, and ask for a refund! I would love to know what the customer service rep was thinking. My son must be some sort of genius for knowing how to manuever the TV (while it was off), and click all the right buttons to rent Scooby Doo. I almost think that after all that trouble, we should just let him watch it!


All moments are funny and beautiful

Enjoy the moments Mama. The first year goes by so fast, and I can’t wait to keep creating hilarious and beautiful moments like this in the second year. I wrote a letter to my son on his 1st birthday, to make sure I never forget all these amazing moments.

There are so many funny things your baby will do, keep them with you, and keep creating more memories.

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