Newborn Education During the Pandemic

This pandemic has affected each and every individual in our world in different ways. It has certainly affected some people more than others, and if you are pregnant or a new Mama during this time, we know it’s been extra difficult for many reasons. Among many concerns and challenges, one major issue is the inability to attend newborn care classes for expecting and new parents. My husband and I were fortunate enough to attend a newborn care class at our hospital, but unfortunately that is not an option at this time for new parents.

Unexpected and Much Needed Information

For my husband and I, there were some major things we didn’t even realize we were missing as new parents:

  • How to not overwhelm yourself with all the baby gear that you don’t really need
  • How to set yourself up for success in breastfeeding
  • How to quickly stop baby from crying
  • How to establish healthy sleep habits from the start
  • How to perform CPR on an infant and when to call a doctor
  • How parenthood will affect your sense of identity and a relationship with your partner
  • How to find balance that allows you to still feel like your old self

Exciting Announcement!

We are truly devastated by the challenges new and expecting parents are encountering right now. Which is why we are so excited to be able to team up with The Baby Manual who is offering FREE comprehensive online classes for new parents during this pandemic. The Baby Manual is an award-winning online video series in which real parents, practicing medical professionals and industry experts provide detailed answers and step-by-step demonstrations to answer first-time parenting questions.

The Baby Manual is used by hospitals, doulas, pregnancy centers, lactation consultants and adoption agencies to teach thousands of parents nationwide each year. The award-winning video series features industry experts, including a board-certified pediatrician, paramedic and American Heart Association-certified CPR instructor, board-certified lactation consultant, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sleep consultant.

The Baby Manual was designed with resources to support both new moms and new dads. The video training materials, which include a Breastfeeding Program and Healthy Sleep Program, combine the best information from books, classes and online resources into one comprehensive guide. Each technique is demonstrated with real babies. New parents can review the resources at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home and the information is easy to reference and review as your baby grows.

The Baby Manual is the winner of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award® for excellence in the category of family-friendly media products and services and has been awarded the well-recognized Mr. Dad Seal of Approval.

Free Programs!

We hope you take advantage of these free resources this month, and spread the word to other Mama’s who are in need of a little extra help right now. We know staying home means you have access to very little help, so being able to access free information is so important.

To access the comprehensive toolkit free this month, visit:

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