Podcast Episode 7: I Am Strong And I Am Capable

the warrior mama series

In Episode 7 of Live your Warrior Mama Life, we will be talking to Christina, and hearing about her postpartum journey. Many women with postpartum depression or anxiety are afraid to speak up, or unaware of how to recognize their emotions. Christina shares some amazing tips for new Mamas to help understand why they may be feeling “off”, and immediate action you can take by putting a plan in place to feel like yourself again. Christina says “motherhood should be life changing, not life shattering”! What a powerful message for Mamas.

Christina is “strong and capable”, she found a way to help herself heal and recover. Now she is educating others in her job, and with the powerful information she shares on her site, This Is Real Life Mama. It gives me great pleasure and honor in introducing this Warrior Mama, Christina!

Listen to the full episode now below, or head to Spotify! You can also read our full interview here.

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