Best Bath Products For Baby

best bath products for baby

Bath time has been one of our favorite times in my household, so I have invested in searching for the best bath products for my baby. My son has always loved his bath, even when he was a newborn. We established a night time routine when my son was a few months old, and bath time always helped my son wind down for the night. Just like all other potential products, it is hard to know what’s necessary, and what makes for a good product. We filtered through some not so good stuff, talked with friends and family, and then got some better stuff. Check out my best bath products for your baby, to help keep your little ones safe, clean, and happy!

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1. Baby Buddy Natural Bath Sponge

I have gone through so many wash clothes and towels during bath time. They always end up smelly and dry hardened! I was looking for an alternative, and found this on a friends registry. This is a natural sea bath sponge, and honestly the best product to use on your babies skin. This lathers perfectly, it is hypoallergenic, and will never mold or mildew! This sponge is the best bath product for your baby.

2. Coconut Oil is one of the best products for bath time!

Our babies skin is so sensitive! I was looking for the cleanest lotion for my bath products for my baby, and out of all the choices, coconut oil was the best option. The Nutiva coconut oil is 100% organic cold pressed coconut oil. Nutiva partners with organic farmers to source the world’s finest fresh, organic virgin coconuts and stringently adheres to USDA certified organic and non-GMO guidelines. In general coconut oil provides nutrient-rich hydration as a natural moisturizer for naturally moisturized skin.

3. Weleda Mama and Baby Essentials

Ok, I love this Mama and Baby combo! This package comes with a nice skin super food addition for you! The Weleda products are great because they are clean and without any toxic ingredients and chemicals. The shampoo and body wash is gentle on your babies most sensitive skin. If you are looking for an additional moisturize to coconut oil, this one is amazing! This is the best bath product alternative for your baby.

4. Organic Hooded Towel. An essential bath product!

I love love love hooded bath towels. It is so important for your babies head to be warm when coming out of the bath. That’s why this is one of the best bath products for your baby. There are many hooded bath towels to choose from, but I love this one because its made out of 100% organic Turkish cotton. It is also made using an innovative zero twist technology, which makes them blissfully soft and fluffy. They feel supremely plush, are absorbent and fast drying. Generously sized at 35”x35”, they are ideal for infants, toddlers and big kids alike.

5. Playtex Diaper Genie

You NEED a good diaper pail! Have you ever smelled one that just stinks!? And by stinks, I mean just smell it from a distance? Ugh, so awful. We had a terrible diaper pail, and the odor just stuck to the pail even when there was nothing in it! This diaper pail is the best product for your babies room. Save yourself, trust me! THIS IS THE NUMBER 1 selling diaper pail. It has built in odor controlling antimicrobial that prevents bacteria from growing on the pail. This is all you need to know!

6. Fisher Price 4 in 1 Sling and Bath Seat

There are a few bath seats out there. Some are more compact for smaller spaces, and some offer more features. In my opinion it is nice to have a seat that can last a bit longer (especially if you have the space). This is the best bath product for your baby if they are too small for the tub. This 4-in-1 bathtub from Fisher-Price easily converts to fit your growing little one, from newborn to infant to toddler.

The soft mesh sling gently cradles newborns, while the “baby stopper” insert helps prevent your infant from slipping and sliding. Unsteady sitters can use the Sit-Me-Up Support to help them sit up and play, while toddlers can enjoy lots of room to splish and splash. The 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub fits most sinks and features an easy drain plug and a convenient hook for drying and storing. Amazing bath product for baby!

Have fun splishing and splashing with these best bath products for your baby!

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