Products to Help Baby Sleep

products to help baby sleep

As a new Mom sleep deprivation is real, and any products to help your baby sleep is welcome! When you bring your little one home, you have no idea what day or time it is. As you are in this fog, all you can think about is how to get your baby sleep! All Mamas know this, but when your baby sleeps, you sleep! When I discovered a few key products, my son immediately changed his sleep patterns. We began getting 3, 4, 5 hour stretches with our newborn baby! We felt like ourselves again. I wanted to simplify this list for you, so you can get these long stretches too! Check out 9 products to help your baby sleep.

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1. Halo sleep sack to help your baby sleep cozy

I made a mistake by thinking my son liked sleeping with his arms out, so we stopped tightly swaddling him! Worst. Mistake. Ever! We realized how wrong we were, and began using the Halo Sleep Sack (that we actually got from the hospital). My son slept so much better. During the newborn stage, babies like to feel tight and secure. This swaddle was a game changer, we invested in an organic cotton version as well for warmer nights. This was such an important product that helped my baby sleep early on.

2. Merlin sleep suit

When our son began to roll over, we stopped swaddling him. We wanted to keep our little one sleeping great, and found the Merlin Sleep Suit. Think of it as a wearable weighted blanket! My son slept so amazing in it, we actually got the bigger size when he outgrew it too. This is a must have product to help your baby sleep through the night, after 3 months!

3. Vanzon white noise machine to help your baby sleep anywhere!

Not only do our babies like to be swaddled when they sleep, but they like loud consistent noise. It reminds them of being back in the womb! This noise machine was a life saving product to help my baby sleep. The most important thing in looking for a noise machine, is you want one that plays consistently. Most others I found stopped playing after about 3o minutes. Don’t by those! Your baby will wake up. This one plays until you turn it off, and has a fan setting, and several nature settings. Great find!

4. Infant optics camera

Hands down best camera in the market. We choose this camera because it has it’s own signal, and does not require wifi. We choose to avoid a wifi camera due to news of some cameras being hacked… creepy! This camera has decent range, a great image for night time and day time, and even has a temperature reading. I think all my friends and family have the same one too. That says something!

5. Natursutten pacifier to help your baby soothe themselves to sleep

Some Mamas choose to not introduce the pacifier. We did, and my son was immediately soothed by it. When he was a few months old, we would put a few of these pacifiers in his crib. If he woke up and didn’t have one, he would feel around and grab one! These pacifiers are made without BPA, nitrosamines, PVC, phthalates, chemical softeners, or artificial coloring. This is still a key product to help my baby sleep.

6. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams

As your newborn begins to grow and transition through their new sleep cycle, some nights may be harder than others. When my son was having one of those difficult nights, we would turn on this Baby Einstein Sea Dreams, and he almost immediately calmed down. Sometimes he would even hit the button himself when he wanted to turn it on! This was a key product to help our baby sleep during those extra difficult nights. It plays some classical music, and has mesmerizing sea lights. It slowly turns off to soothe your baby back to sleep.

7. Organic sheets

Your little ones newborn skin is so delicate and new to our world. We have to make sure we are not only using the safest detergent, but also the best material on our babies skin. Check out these organic and hypoallergenic sheets.

8. Premium napper to help your baby sleep on the go

If you can get your baby to nap in their crib for at least 2 naps a day, that’s wonderful! We know that everyday isn’t perfect, and we have plans we have to attend! This napper was a great product to help my baby sleep when we weren’t home. We went to the beach last summer, and he napped in this under the umbrella. We used this out at the pool, or if we were visiting friends or family! Super easy to pack, and lightweight.

9. Halo bassinet swivel

Last but not least, not only do you want a product to help your baby sleep, but you want help sleeping too! This bassinet secures your little one right next to you, and can swivel directly over your bed. Save yourself for not having to get up and down, and just pull your baby right over your bed! It also includes a nightlight, 2 levels of vibration, 3 soothing sounds and 3 lullabies with volume control, all with 30-minute auto shutoff. Plus, Back to Bed Reminder alerts mom to put baby back to bed after feeding. The vibration feature is a BIG plus too for helping to soothe your baby back to sleep!

We know these products will help your baby sleep, because they worked for us!

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