Rustic Nursery Decor

rustic nursery decor

Designing a baby room with a rustic nursery decor in mind, is such an exciting time for the new parents. The reality of parenthood will finally set in, as you ponder over the right type of nursery decor for your little one. Your choices of decor are practically limitless, but who doesn’t love the idea of a rustic nursery decor. After all, you will be spending most of your upcoming days in your babies room. You should love this room like your own, feeling peaceful and content! Check out our piece on designing a stress free home for more tips!

We sat down with the amazing experts and e-design company, Hunter Hue for 5 tips on creating a dream rustic nursery. Here are 5 things to keep in mind for your rustic nursery decor:

1. Rustic Nursery Decor Crib

The crib is your focal point of your room. You want this to be the piece you invest in, if you are unsure where to allocate your budget. When choosing a crib you can go for something more basic, or one that converts to a toddler bed and twin bed. I went with a convertible, but toddler size only. I figured we would want to invest in new furniture as our son gets older.

If you are looking for rustic nursery decor, you can’t go wrong with a solid wood crib. Besides the solid wood looking beautiful, you also want to make sure the ingredients are non toxic! If you go with dark wood, you are going to want to lighten up the room with whites elsewhere. Think white fluffy throw blankets and rugs. However, if you go with a white washed wood crib, you can add in wood shelf accents or a wooden rocking chair. We love the base of rustic decor to be solid wood.

rustic nursery

2. Styles and Textures for a Rustic Nursery Decor

As mentioned above, we love contrast to make your accent pieces pop! If you decide on a white crib, you can make it pop with solid wood and metal accents. A brass coat hanger, or brass animal heads. Elegant white clean lines will compliment your rustic nursery decor perfectly for the best balance.

We also love the combination of fluffy pillows and throws, with simple accent rugs. We choose an accent wall with textured wall paper for our focal point. The rest of the room was on a grey scale to tone down the effect.

3. Accents and Rustic Nursery Decor Lighting

Lighting is my absolute favorite to pick! The right lighting will absolutely transform your room. What I love about rustic decor, is it truly is a combination of styles. Take a solid wood crib, and add a crystal chandelier and you create a master piece! We also love the idea of a white washed crib with brass light fixtures. The white and gold contrast is to die for!

What rustic nursery decor would be complete without a touch of animals and horns! When choosing the right horns, make sure you are thinking about the metal finish. This will be the best accent piece of the room.

4. Think Vintage

One of the best things about rustic decor for your nursery, is you can find great pieces from the past! Do you still have any of your old furniture, pillows, or blankets? That can make not just a great design choice, but add a wonderful sentimental touch. Also, don’t be afraid to go to antique shops. You can find beautifully pieces at a discount!

rustic nursery

5. Minimalist with a Pop of Color for a Rustic Nursery Feel

Lastly, we need to make sure we warm up your rustic nursery decor. A minimal pop of color can make the most subtle but dramatic difference. Are you using all grey tones? Add a blue or pink ribbon around the crib. Or add a decorative pillow on your rocker. We love the minimalist style, with just the right pop!

Want some more tips for your rustic nursery decor?

We did too! Finding your style and pieces can be a bit overwhelming. Having someone doing the heavy lifting (literally) for you is a game changer, especially in your last trimester! That’s why we love this e-design company Hunter Hue! Hugh and Ria Smith (husband and wife duo) created Hunter Hue because they always loved design. The name Hunter Hue (Hugh is the husband) is inspired by the name they have saved for their future baby! (We love that.)

The Hunter Hue design process is simple and personalized. We know how important simple is, especially as expecting parents. So many design companies use off the shelf services. The extra personalization is worth it, even though these services are totally affordable! At it’s core, Hunter Hue believes everyone should have a great home design. The best place to start is your nursery!

rustic nursery

Take a look at these insanely affordable packages, and use code Mama15 for 15% off the standard package!

Have fun designing! You will absolutely love your new rustic nursery decor!

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