Design a stress free home

design a stress free home

Does your home design say stress fee?

Your home should be your sanctuary. You should walk into your home and be consumed by relief and warmth. Did you know your home has the ability to make your life more stressful? It also has the ability to take away negative energy, and cocoon you with positivity and happiness. However, how you design your home will determine the positive or negative flow. Let’s discuss the steps on how to design a stress free home.

Your home design is connected to your mood and health.

If we surround ourselves with things that are displeasing to the eye, or reminds us of unhappy memories, that will not make us feel good! Everything around you has an energy to it. Clutter is dark and heavy. You feel the drain of it when you walk into your room. A pile of clothes, unorganized shelves, or toys everywhere, will shorten your breath and raise your heart rate. Clutter is connected to sickness. Organization helps improve your health! There are several things you can do to help design a stress free home.

3 tips to design a stress free home.

This article is co-written with Andrea from Jade & Sage LLC. Keep reading for her amazing tips to create a stress free home for your family.

1. Organize and remove clutter.

First things first, you have to remove the clutter and stress from your home! Think about each design and area of your room. What is the flow? What functionality are you trying to achieve? When Andrea moved to Florida last year, she only brought what she needed at that time. When she moved into her place, she then bought what was missing. As a result, there is no clutter! Everything she bought serves a purpose. This is also easier to clean. Everything has an exact spot in the home.

So, when you are going through your home.  Think of these things and ask yourself. Do I need this? How often do I use this? What is the purpose of this item?  Is this causing me stress in my home? Or does this uplift my mood?

design a stress free home

When everything has a place things stay clean! Here are a few tips to get you started with organizing and reducing stress in your home. You can check out some more clever storage solutions here.

  1. When organizing, add items in labeled bins.
  2. Use storage units for toys in the kids room, or for office supplies.
  3. Cute baskets are great for extra blankets in your living room.
  4. Drawer organizers are great. You will have a compartment for each item. 
  5. Always make sure you put things back in it’s place! We should follow the same rules we tell our little ones.
  6. Schedule cleaning jobs on a specific day. Don’t try to do everything at once, as that will only bring more stress in your life.

2. Breath clean air.

*Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, this article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission for any purchases. I only review products that I use myself.

Next, to create a peaceful and healthy home, the air quality is very important. Did you know that poor air quality in your home can have a big effect on your health, and mood? Bad air quality can be caused by things like pollution from the outside, poor building materials, as well as emissions from heating and appliances. Bad air quality has been linked to asthma, fatigue and lung disease. Not only do we want to design a home that is stress free, but we should also be thinking about our health! Take a look at this article that talks about other toxins under our sink, and alternatives to use!

There are many things we use in our home that can add to the toxins in our air. Always make sure you are lighting non-toxic candles (beeswax is the best), and air diffusers. These will help create the ambiance you are looking for when you are designing a stress free home. Also, plants are great for the home for aesthetic and health reasons.  They improve indoor air quality by taking in carbon dioxide, and producing oxygen for us to breath in.

design a stress free home

Lastly, make sure you change your air filter. Air filters get very dirty and trap in a lot of bacteria and toxins in the air. When you buy your air filter, make sure it works against pollutants, mold, and other bacteria. Not all filters are the same. Your home cleanliness and air quality plays a big role in a healthy well-being, and a stress free environment.

3. Home styling.

Now that the important things are squared away, let’s talk about the fun part! How to design and style a stress free home!

  • Define your style: If you don’t already know your style, the easiest way to get started with defining your style is Pinterest! Pin furniture pieces and room decor that you like. Then take a look at your board. What do you see that your eyes are attracted to? This will begin to define your style. Even if you don’t know what style you are pinning, you can send that board to a designer and they will know your style!
  • Create a cohesive look throughout your home: Select a color palette for your home.  These colors will flow throughout your home.  When your home has a flow to it from the design layout, color scheme, and overall style it will feel balanced and complete. As a result, you are designing a stress free home. Check out Andrea’s tips on how to pick a color palette.
  • Design a functional furniture plan: Lastly, you must think about your furniture layout. Less is more! When choosing furniture, think about the size of the room and how much traffic is flowing through the area. When furniture is properly laid out, it helps to declutter the area.

Your home is your sanctuary.  After a long day out you want to walk into a home that is organized, functional and healthy for you and your family.  If you want to have a feeling of harmony and peace in your home, follow these steps and you will start feeling more at peace!

Do you need help designing a stress free home?

Andrea from Jade & Sage offers amazing E-Design solutions. Check her out for more tips, tricks, and to make sure your home is designed to reduce stress!

Meet Andrea from Jade & Sage Designs
Meet Andrea from Jade & Sage Designs

I’m a mom, wife and an Online Interior Designer.

After College I received my degree in Interior Design. I ventured out to get more experience in my field by working at an architectural firm, furniture showrooms, kitchen and bath design, and sales company. After getting my experience I felt it was time to start my own business in the design field, so I started Jade & Sage.

Wondering how I got the name Jade & Sage? They are the middle names of my 2 lovely daughters. They are the reason why I started this business. I wanted to be there for them. After school, doing homework and when they need me, I’ll be there for them always. My family is my life.

I enjoy designing, being creative and just thinking outside of the box. I love helping families with their interiors.

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