Best Bedtime Books for Babies

best bedtime books for babies

I was always told to make sure I read a bedtime book to my baby every day. The days can certainly get ahead of me with a million different activities we have going on. However, when night time comes around, I want to make sure we have a routine in place. You can read about how I used a routine to get my son to sleep through the night here! That routine starts with a bedtime book! I have learned that not all bedtime books are the same! There are some books that simply won’t grab my sons attention at all, and others he is literally jumping out of his seat! I created a list of my son’s top bedtime books for babies!

Why should we read bedtime books to our babies?

So you probably know that you should read to your baby, but do you know why? Besides there being a few best bedtime books for babies, there are some pretty big benefits to expose your baby to reading early on. Check them out:

  1. Your baby will begin to learn how to communicate.
  2. Basic concepts are introduced (numbers, letters, shapes, etc.).
  3. Builds skills such as listening, memory, and vocabulary.
  4. Your baby will begin to learn more about the world around them.
  5. Through emotion and sound, your baby will start to develop social and emotional skills.
  6. Encourages your baby to interact by looking and pointing.
  7. Helps your baby learn language by hearing sounds, seeing pictures, and listening to words.
  8. Improves the bond with you and your baby by sitting close, cuddling, touching, and looking into each others eyes. This is why books are best at bedtime for my baby!

Does it matter what and how to read as my baby grows?

Actually, yes! There are some awesome general guidelines here that helps put a plan together for your baby as they grow. As I mentioned, I started implementing these guidelines at bedtime for my baby within his first month, but you can read at any time! Here are some general guidelines for your little one as they grow:

  • 0-6 Months: Chunky, soft, or vinyl books are the best. The textures help your baby explore through touch.
  • 6-9 Months: Short and simple stories are key. Choose ones with color, and that help stimulate their eyes.
  • 9-18 Months: Look for books with rhymes and phrases that your little one can recognize.
  • 18-24 Months: Longer and more complex stories with humor and silly rhymes can be introduced.
  • 24-36 Months: Stories with engaging plots that explain the world around. Think animals, seasons, careers, construction, etc.

My top 5 bedtime books for babies

Without further ado, here are my favorite bedtime books for my baby! This list is built off his engagement, excitement, and readiness for bed.

*Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, this article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission for any purchases. I only review products that I use myself.

  1. Baby Giraffe Puppet: This was an amazing book for my baby from the first few months, to now (1 year old). He gets so excited when he sees the giraffe move, and reaches out to grab him! We always have silly laughs before bed.
  2. Bedtime Peekaboo: What baby doesn’t love peekaboo? At about 4 months old, when we say peekaboo he cracks up! As you turn each page, a new item is hiding underneath. Adding this to the bedtime routine has us putting to bed a happy little baby!
  3. Goodnight Moon: An oldie but a goodie. The images and calming words hum our little guy to sleep.
  4. Story Book Rhymes: This is a fun book for babies of all ages. The book itself is hard, so they can’t tear the pages. It’s fun because it sings each lullaby on the page, and interactive as when they turn the pages, the songs change. My son will crawl around dragging the book with him!
  5. Sweet Dreams Lullaby: My favorite bedtime book for babies. It is a little longer, but the story is a beautiful and calming rhyme. My husband and I have read it together at bedtime, and the words are so catchy my son stares at us as we say the words. The most calming and peaceful book I have found!

Time to read a bedtime book to my baby!

Increasing my sons brain power, introducing emotions and visual stimulation, seeing his reactions, and prepping him to read as he grows certainly push me to stick with our bedtime routine!

However, the bonding time with my son while we read my top 5 bedtime books for babies is my favorite.

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  1. I love how you broke it down by age about how stories should grow with your littles! My 19 month old son love Guess How Much I Love You. He reaches for it every night before bed and it makes my momma heart so happy!

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