Mealtime Products for Baby. 10 Products You Need.

mealtime products for baby

Look no further for the best mealtime products for your baby. From the moment you begin introducing solids, to when your baby becomes adventurous enough to eat off your plate, you need some good mealtime gear! If you choose to make your own baby purees (check out these 5 super easy recipes), I found some really good equipment that will make your life super easy. From full on baby systems, to amazing glass jars, and even portable high chairs, now you will be able to get things done quickly and organized! As your little ones get older, and they start eating more adult food, you will notice it gets everywhere! You are going to want to grab some things to keep your baby, and your area as clean as possible (and avoid waste!)! Checkout the best list for mealtime products for your baby!

Check out my full list for more awesome baby products!

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1. These bamboo baby plates with suction are essential mealtime products for your baby!

I am sure every parent faces this. You place a plate in front of your baby, and their mind thinks “toy”! They pick it up, and throw it on the ground! Your gourmet baby food immediately goes in the garbage. This may be one of the most frustrating things! But your little one just doesn’t know better yet. That’s why these suction baby plates, made from the cleanest ingredients is a savior for your sanity. This is a must have mealtime product for your baby. You are going to want these, trust me.

2. Olababy soft tip training spoon is a product that makes mealtime as neat as can be!

The moment your baby begins to self feed, peace is with you! These training spoons will help your baby learn quickly with the ergonomic design, and easy to use features. That’s why this is an essential mealtime product for your baby. It’s made out of food grade silicone, it’s so flexible your baby can scoop food at any angle, it can be placed upright on the counter to keep it hygienic. Do yourself a favor and grab a couple!

3. Bambusi Natural Bamboo Wooden Spoons

These are another great self feeding spoon. These are made with germ resistant organic bamboo, and food grade silicone. When your baby begins to eat more independently these spoons are great because it won’t bump and scrape their gums. For mealtime products for your baby, these were great as my little one outgrew his training spoon.

4. Long sleeve water proof bibs are the best products for mealtime to keep your babies clothes neat and clean!

So I have to admit, I just discovered these and I am blown away! My sister in law was feeding my 10 month old God Daughter, and she had this bib on. She had her beautiful outfit underneath, and not one drop of food got on her clothes! My son is such a messy eater, and I wish I discovered this sooner. I have thrown out so many cloth bibs, and t shirts that were just destroyed from food stains and messes. Save money on new clothes and use this key mealtime product for your baby! They come in lots of colors too!

5. Silicone Roll Up Bib

When your little one gets a little older, and doesn’t need to use a full smock during mealtime, this product for your baby is the best transition! It is made of silicone, so no need to worry about ruining cloth bibs and shirts, it has a nice bucket at the bottom to catch (and save) any uneaten food, and rolls up super tiny for easy portability!

6. Portable high chairs are the best products to take mealtime anywhere!

You need to get a portable high chair! Out of all the mealtime products for my baby, I have 3 portable high chairs, and I use all of them all the time. I live in a condo with limited space, so investing in a bigger high chair was sort of out of the cards for me. We used the Bumbo for restaurants and eating out up until my son was about 10 or 11 months. You can even sit the Bumbo right on your counter top!

The Inglesina high chair we use in our home and attached it to our counter top, which he loves. He is literally eating at the counter with us. This is also portable as well, and comes with a built in travel bag! The last one we have is the folding high chair which is great if we eat outside, or go to a restaurant. We prefer to not use public high chairs. These are all so great, and easy to pack!

7. Graco Table to Table High Chair

I unfortunately don’t have room for a large high chair (I wish I did), but my God Daughter has this one. My son has actually used this before at my brother’s and we both love it! If you have the space, this is a huge mealtime product for baby must have! It has 7 growing stages, which even includes a toddler table and chair, an Infant high chair, infant booster seat, portable toddler booster, toddler youth chair, toddler table & chair. It can even seat two children simultaneously!

8. Glass Storage Containers

So you make all these organic home made baby purees, now what? These glass containers are amazing! These mealtime products for baby are freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. They are 4 oz containers, which is typically what your baby will eat in a meal. What else do you need!

9. Magic Baby Bullet

So I received this as a gift, and is a great mealtime product for my baby! When I was first starting out with making baby purees, this kept me organized, gave me food tips, and come with a ton of storage containers for my babies food. The bullet purees the baby food in the smoothest consistency. I have used other blenders that leaves the food too grainy, and my son wouldn’t eat it. This makes a huge difference!

10. Infantino Squeeze Station

Ok I love this, and it is so much fun to use! There are many organic baby food pouches on market, but obviously the best food is the one you make at home. Now you can make your own baby food pouches, and freeze them! I love this mealtime product for my baby. He just loves eating his pouches independently. This squeeze station comes with 3 docking areas, and an easy to use system. Simply pour the puree in the holder, and push down into the pouch. No mess at all! Quick, simple, and easy to clean up! Did I mention this is less than $20?

These products will help ease any mealtime stress for you and your baby!

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